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     When Julian exits the building, he pulls out the cell phone and turns it on while walking towards his car. He is confused when he views the picture that is attached to the file. The image is of a young girl; she can't be older than nineteen or twenty. He gets inside the car and takes another moment to glance at the file. He recognizes his new target's nickname, La Mosca, but he can't remember exactly where he has seen or heard of it before. He snapped out of it and recalled that he would pay a visit to Doctor Cortez today after all. 
     The heat is unbearable, with smog clouds blanketing the city on top of the mid-May, almost summer weather. Julian's 1974 Monte Carlo does not have air conditioning, resulting from a broken compressor. Traffic is inching by on the streets through heat waves. The banging of metal and iron can be heard as the metro scritches nearby. People everywhere walking, you can almost make out the chorus of conversations. He sees the faces of la gente on the buses, simple folks hating their daily routine. That is something that Julian can be grateful for; his life is far from ordinary. 
     The cell phone unexpectedly rings. Julian looks towards the seat where he tossed it and read the name on the caller id. He immediately recalls. Yes! That's it, La Mosca. He picks up the phone and answers.  
     " Que onda Raul," Julian greets his friend.
     "I assume you are calling because of my new target." 
     "Yup, you probably remember what I told you a couple of years ago." Raul replies. 
     "Yea, I just realized who it is. I take it you found a new lead?". 
     "Sí, and that girl is going to lead you straight to him."
     "I saw her photo a bit young, isn't she?" 
     "She's the daughter of La Mosca."
     "The daughter?" Julian asks in amusement. 
     "That's right, all you have to do is meet up with her. I worked out a deal  with the condition that she would take you to him."
     Raul kept tabs on La Mosca after his release from jail. Unfortunately, the trail went cold, and he disappeared eight years ago. Raul used the resources of CUBICULO after it's inception several years after that to pick up where he left off and try to find the man responsible for killing his mother.  
     Julian is never interested in what goes on in CUBICULO. His only job is to settle an account. He is not occupied with how his next target is chosen or what agreements are made. But, because of his unusual contact, he finds himself curious about what deal was struct. 
     "I see that you are heading the apposite direction from where you are supposed to pick up your contact." Raul informs him. 
     "Remember that Doctor I told you about Raul? Well, I am on my way to see him." 
      Raul remains quiet for a moment. 
     "I don't think it's a good.." Julian hangs up. 
     He finally arrives at the Doctor's office, and parks in front of the brass plated door. He steps out and turns his head to see across the street towards the bar. 
     "Yup, the girls are still there." He tells himself. 
     One of the girls seems to recognize him and waves. Julian nods and smiles. He then walks up to the door. He tried to open it, hoping it was left unlocked like the last time he was there. It wasn't. He knocks three times and patiently waits for an answer. The door opens, it's Doctor Cortez. Julian's six foot two figure is casting a shadow over him. The Doctor tries to close the door, but Julian places his foot to block it and prevents him from doing so. The Doctor runs back towards the hall. Julian already knows more or less the layout of the building. He decides to briskly walk around the outside of the building where the side door exit is located. A moment goes by, and the Doctor comes out, almost tumbling down and breathing heavily. 
     "Doctor, ¿que paso?" Julian facetiously asks. 
     "Don't you want to practice your English with me today?" Julian asks in a sarcastic tone and a smirk on his face.
     "¿Que quieres? " The Doctor irritably asks what Julian was doing there. 
     "You need the business, and I could use your help." Julian responded. 

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