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     The Doctor pondered about letting Julian inside. He was afraid, although he remembers what Julian told him, he wasn't going to die. At least not by Julian's hand. The Doctor went ahead and asked anyway. 
     "¿Vienes a matarme? he asked while covering his mouth, quivering. 
     "No, I am not here to kill you. Don't you remember what I told you last time I was here?" Julian asked as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. 
     "Look, just like I told you the last time, I am genuinely having trouble staying asleep, but it's not for the reasons I made you believe. I am here to see how you can help me before my liver gives out on me. I assume once I become your patient, everything I tell you will be confidential, just between you and me? Right?"
     The Doctor looks up at Julian and nods. 
     "I am a professional and I only take cash." 
The Doctor turns around, and Julian follows him back into the building. 

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