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     "Well, if you weren't here with me, you wouldn't be making this amount of cash." Raul slid a yellow envelope towards Julían. Julian picked up the envelope and placed it inside his blazer pocket. 
     "I don't have any other choice, Raul," Julían responded with a tone of hatred in his voice. 
     "I know it's a shitty deal, but in a couple years, it will be over," Raul replied. 
     Julian and Raul stood up and began walking towards the back door;               
     Raul waved to the chef as he and Julian walked by and exited the building. 
     "Hey!, where are you going? Raul shouted at Julian. 
     "I'm going to walk back to the apartment," Julian replied. Raul nodded and got into his car. 
     Julian began walking, thinking about Doctor Cortez. He wondered if it would be a good idea to go back and speak with him. Julian was now desperate to find a solution to his restless nights; maybe therapy might just help. After walking a few blocks, he arrived at the apartment building and climbed the stairs to the third floor to get his car keys. He bumped into his neighbor in the narrow hallway as she was stepping out of her apartment, carrying a large trash bag. The trash bag was full and, as she tried to close the door, it slipped and fell to the floor, causing some trash to spew out. Julian noticed she was wearing the same nightgown he saw her wearing in the morning. 
     "Oh, perdon vecino!" she apologized to Julian as she bent down to pick up the scattered trash. 
     Julian, too, bent over to help her pick up some of the garbage. He could not help but look down her gown and notice her large breast swaying side to side as she franticly tried to collect the rubbish.  
     "No se preocupe, disculpeme ami." Julian apologitically replied. 
     She stood up, thanked Julian for his help, and walked away. Julian stood there and watched her walk down the hall. He's never had an opportunity to see her up close before. He took one step towards the railing and leaned forward to see her walk down the flight of stairs, noticing how her gown clung to her large round bottom. Julian had a preference for more slender women, but watching her plump figure, captured his imagination. She must have felt him starring at her intensely; she turned and looked up; Julian quickly took a step back. She smiled. 
     Julian proceeded to enter his apartment and headed towards the nightstand to grab the keys, next to the small bedroom window. He peeked outside, and again his eyes caught a glimpse of his neighbor as she jumped, trying to get the trash bag over the tall garbage container. As he stood there, watching, a bulge began protruding from his jeans. The flimsy gown she was wearing revealed a salacious image of her voluptuous body. In the act of ardor, he undid his belt and lowered the zipper. He began to stroke his member slowly but then immediately stopped before he could release. Breathing heavily, Julian immediately zipped up his pants. He remained standing there for a moment. He lowered the blinds and walked out of the room. 

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