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   Julian got into his car. He leaned his head back and thought about what had just happened. 
     He tried to insert the key into the ignition with some difficulty; he noticed his hand was shaking. After what had just occurred, he felt that it was an excellent excuse to have a drink, so Julian took a deep breath, leaned forward, opened the glove compartment, and pulled out a small bottle of whiskey. He started the engine, then unscrewed the cap and had a long swig of what was left; threw the empty bottle behind the seat, and before he could shift the car in drive, he heard the message tone from his phone. He pulled out the phone from his jacket and read the text. It was the assignment code Juliet-Hotel-3-Foxtrot-Charlie. 
     "Fuck I don't need this right now." He muttered. 
     That specific code meant that he had to partner up with a REFERENCE for his next assignment. A REFERENCE is an individual crucial in having access to the next target. His first stop was at one of the company's retail stores. It was roughly about a twenty-minute drive from his apartment building, but being that he is not in any rush to meet his contact decides to take a longer route. Grupo Alarcon is a conglomerate and made up of several large companies, from financial, retail to media. It has a presence not only in Mexico but also in South America and the United States. CUBICULO has a specific store as a contact point in every city. 
     Julian will arrive at the store and park towards the end of the building. He will clip on the company name tag with a fictitious name that every collector carries with them. Julian will casually walk up to the security guard, who already received notice from the corporate office, then will show security his business card. Once the guard confirms his identity and the image on his computer, he is allowed to enter. There is a single cubicle located towards the back corner of the store. Inside, there is a desk, chair, and a two-drawer filing cabinet. Julian will use the name tag to unlock the magnetic lock in the top and bottom drawers. In the top drawer, there will be a green envelope. Inside, he will find a new cell phone in its original packaging, made by a company Grupo Alarcon also owns and a chip. Once he inserts the chip into the new phone, he will have access to details about the reference and the new account. He will enter the final collection note on his old phone and place it on the bottom drawer inside a red envelope. He will leave the phone inside the bottom drawer and lock it. Julian leaves the cubicle and walks towards the rear exit nearby. Next to the exit door, there is an alarm pad. He enters the code located on the back of his name tag, so the alarm will not sound. 

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