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   As the director of the write-off department-Raul's responsibility is to gather Intel and assign an account to field collectors. A write-off account is a criminal who has escaped justice and needs settlement. In accounting terms, settling a write-off account usually means that someone owes money, pays it, and the debt is settled, generally at a lesser amount. Criminals who escape justice owe a debt to society; their lives pay for it. The field collector makes sure the debt is settled. 
  Julian was three months into an eight-year sentence when Raul came along. He was instrumental in getting Julian out of jail and introducing him to CUBÍCULO. A defense attorney by trade, Raul had unique skills that made him the ideal candidate to take on this particular department's responsibility. Raul was a fervent believer in the justice system and fairness. He was convinced justice should be blind but soon realized there is no such thing as blind justice. Raul is an attorney for Grupo Alarcon, but his role was not like that of the dozens of attorneys on its payroll. He had a unique position in the organization dealing with particular cases. Raul, well known around the justice system, is well-liked by prosecutors and often used company resources to provide them with information that would tip the balance to their favor and help keep criminals in jail. He had enemies, particularly defense attorneys hired by criminal organizations, wealthy individuals, or corrupt officials. 
  Raul influences people with gifts and favors to work his way around the system. The jail guards, transit officials, cops, and the principal judges in the different police delegations. Information is power. Raul's most cherished contacts are the cleaning crews in the various departments. They have a close ear and a sharp eye for everything that happens inside those buildings. An unexpected treat goes a long way. El chisme-It starts with a conversation that yields tips and details about what goes on around those offices. Maintenance people are not paid much. Simple pleasures, to them, can be an unnecessary luxury. He knows the struggles they go through.

    Raul's mother was a chacha for a wealthy family when he was growing up. She was paid fairly, but the secrets she knew were worth a fortune. Every evening when they sat down to enjoy cafe y galletas, she would share fascinating stories with Raul. She knew every treasured secret within the walls of that mansion. As a single mother, most of her pay went towards his education. In fact, the family paid well above the minimum wage, which included bonuses on certain holidays and special occasions. It was fair wages for honest work. She was determined to see her son escape la pobreza y pandillas, poverty and gangs', the two things that pave the road to prison for many young men. With his mother's financial help and Raul´s perseverance, he earned a scholarship to the most prestigious law school in Mexico. 
  Raul was twenty-two when his mother was killed during a robbery in the mansion she had worked for since Raul was just a little boy. Thieves broke in, believing the mansion was empty. They knew the family had flown to Paris on vacation. His mother decided to stay the night to start cleaning the windows early the next day since her daily commute was two hours away. The thieves were surprised by Mrs. Contreras while they were trying to open a safe. She tried to run away, but one of them caught up to her and choked her to death. Raul found her body a few days later when he went to the mansion when she didn´t return home. The estate belonged to the Alarcon family.

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