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    Mr. Alarcon was notified by the police the next day and immediately returned with his family back to Mexico. The first thing Mr. Alarcon did was to search for Raul and offer his full support. He promised him that he would do everything in his power to bring the cowards to justice. After all, Raul's mother was part of the family, and in a way, so was he. She spoke so highly of him whenever she had a chance. She was always eager to boast his awards and the recognition he received throughout his school years and university. Every accomplishment she thought was worthy of praise; she would proudly share it with the Alarcon's. Unfortunately, she never had the chance to boast about the greatest accomplishment of all; Raul received his law degree a few months after her death. 
  Mr. Alarcon went on to give Raul his first shot at practicing law and retained him as his attorney. He told him to hire an investigator to bring the thieves to justice. A couple of months later, Raul provided evidence to the detectives that the crime was possibly an inside job. They questioned a newly hired parking attendant in the office building where Mr. Alarcon had his office. After being interrogated, he confessed that he found Mr. Alarcon's schedule between the car seats and shared the details with la mosca-a notorious chop shop gang leader in the Colonia Doctores. That is how they found out the family was leaving town. After a closely guarded operation, surprisingly, la mosca was arrested. He hired one of the most corrupt defense attorneys in the city. One can only imagine how he was able to afford driving a late model Mercedes. No attorney representing such a low life can afford a luxury vehicle like that, especially in Mexico. That same day la mosca was released without bond. A few days later, the parking attendant was found dead in his cell. The charges were dropped. Raul vowed he would one day deal with la mosca and make him pay for what he did.
  When Raul makes his rounds at the different delegations, he gives away small tokens of appreciation-movie passes, futbol tickets, even packs of cigarettes. He frequently treats the parking attendants with tortas or tacos for lunch. He writes down birthdays on his pocket calendar, makes notes of particular events, like when a daughter just had a baby, a grandchild baptized, or a son is getting married. Sending flowers, buying a few cases of beer, or giving away bottles of liquor for special occasions-gifts like these, often yields unexpected tips. That is how Raul received word from the prisoner transport coordinator in Altiplano, the maximum-security prison in Mexico City. The previous year, as a gift, Raul paid for the beer kegs for his daughter's quinceañera. 
    Julian would be arriving from Las Cruces the prison in Acapulco, Guerrero. He was sent to Mexico City to serve the rest of his sentence. Raul notified Mr. Alarcon that there was a good chance he could get Julian released if the judge was encouraged to let him out on time served.

    Julian would have been freed in Guerrero if Raul wanted to. It was decided to let Julian spend a couple of years in prison so the newspapers would forget his role in Mr. Alarcon's daughter's attempted kidnapping

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